Double Website TrafficWouldn’t it be nice if you could double the number of visitors to your website?  Generally the more traffic you drive to your site, the more leads it will generate.  And who doesn’t want more leads?  Follow these three steps and you will be well on your way to doubling your website traffic.

1) Evaluate your website

The best starting point is to first analyze your site.  Do you have a simple 5 page website or is it a 100+ page monster?  When it comes to search engines and website traffic, bigger is better.  The trick is to add new pages without muddying up your navigation.  The best way to achieve that goal is by adding text links.  Look at your website for topics that you can expand on with a new page.  Create that new web page and then turn that word on your site into a text link to the new page.

A couple easy ways to increase the size of your website are:

a) Services / Products Pages

Every service or product on your site should have its own page.  If you currently have all of your services or products listed on the same page, you should start by turning each service on that list into links to individual services pages.  This simple step greatly increases the likelihood that someone will find your website while searching for a service or product that you provide.  If you want to rank for a certain topic, you need to have a page on your site that focuses on that topic.

b) Local Pages

A local page is a web page that focuses on how your company provides a service for a specific state, city, or town.  Search engines don’t know your service area.  By creating local pages, you are letting the search engines know that you provide a specific service in a specific location.   If I want to rank well for the keyword Web Design Chicago, I need to have a page on my site that talks about how I provide web design services in Chicago.

2) Optimize your website for Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization is the process of trying to improve your rank in the search engines.  Some simple steps that you can take to optimize your site are:

a) Keyword Research

Start by outlining all of the pages on your website.  Then use a tool like Google’s Keyword tool to identify which keywords will provide the most search traffic with the least amount of competition.  You will want to identify 3-5 quality keywords per page on your site.

b) Optimize your web pages

Now that you know what the best keywords are to target, you will want to make sure they appear in your title tags and headings.  These are positions on the page that search engines look at to determine what the topic of the page is.  Make it easy on the search engines by including your keywords exactly where they are looking for them.

3) Start Blogging

Websites with blogs get 55% more traffic than websites without blogs.  The best way to increase traffic to your site is to add a company blog.  Blogs are great because they give you a platform to easily add pages to your site.  If you write 50 blog articles, you have added 50 pages to your site which gives you 50 more opportunities to be found in the search engines.  In addition to improving your search engine rankings, blogs give you the content you need to be able to effectively participate in social media.  Every time you post a new blog article, share it on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  Now you are increasing your traffic through search engines and social media.

Be aware that there are two different types of blogs.  There are hosted and self-hosted blogs.  Hosted blogs are through sites like or Blogger.  Hosted blogs will not give you the search engine benefits that you get from  a self-hosted blog.  What you want is a blog that is hosted with the rest of your site.  The most common blogging platform is WordPress.  You can download the files for WordPress to host on your own server at (note that is not

You have probably noticed that the underlying theme here is content.  If you want to double your website traffic, you need to commit to adding content to your website.  The larger the website, the more opportunities there are for your site to be found.  Add a page for each service, add local pages, optimize your site for search engines, and Start Blogging and you will see your site traffic take off.

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